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LED Blanket : 4' x 4' (30 x 1m)
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LED Blanket : 4' x 4' (30 x 1m)

Sourcemaker’s LED Blankets use color correct hybrid LED ribbon to achieve a wide range of clean color temperatures, ranging from 3000K - 6000K. Each LED ribbon strip is encased in a hard plastic,making them extremely durable. This allows each LED strip to be removed from the blanket and used as individual light sources with the same lighting harness that’s on the blanket. The LED Blankets are light enough to be pinned to walls, velcroed to ceilings, or tucked away in a car dashboard. They’re ideal for difficult, hard to light areas. All blankets are modular, and can be attached to each other and DMXed to create larger sources.

The blankets come in various sizes, and are designed to fit inside standard grip equipment. Various accessories are available, including snap grids, diffusions and skirts.
  • Sealed and secured ribbon

  • Lightweight, roll up design

  • Easy to ship and store

  • Optimized for Sourcemaker dimming products

  • Grommets and velcro system for easy rigging

  • Battery system compatible

  • Custom sizes upon request

Patent Pending

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