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250amp 3 Phase
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250amp 3 Phase
  • Capacity: 250 amps - 3 Phase
  • Input: 120, 208, 240, or 480 V (w or w/o neutral)
  • Trip Point: <6 mA (swithable to 20 mA)
  • Enclosure: Custom stainless steel on custom rolling cart
  • Connectors: Panel mount camlock style

“Half Pint”

Even though the LG250 is the smallest in our larger series of GFCI, It still handles up to 250 amps a leg for a total of 750 amps. Larger GFCI like this are classified as equipment protection. However, Bender was able to utilize the same technology incorporated in the smaller “Class A” devices into a large GFCI. This allows the user the option to have the same level of protection available in our smaller devices. This is especially helpful when a single large pump or light is used in proximity to a wet location. Another handy ability is the switchable voltage to 480 volts. Now you can use a GFCI on those smaller branch circuits of 480 volts. This is also available at 600 volts for Canadian power systems.

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